Security Systems

SecurityCameraInstallSecurity systems have evolved dramatically over the years, becoming increasingly sophisticated with the arrival of on-line technologies and remote audio and video verification modules. In keeping with the new times and new technologies, our vendor, DSC, has redefined the meaning of security, as is evident with their Power Series alarm control panels.

Power Series security systems allow you to integrate a host of value-added and life-safety features and are designed to provide you with peace of mind for years to come. Browse the panels below to learn more.

Safe & Secure

Helping to keep you and your employees safe are single-button personal panics by DSC, these provide a portable means to call for help from anywhere in the business. In addition, to guard against the devastation caused by smoke or fire, you may rely on the alertness of DSC wireless photoelectric smoke detectors, using the latest in smoke and fire-detecting technologies to keep you and your employees safe.

Remote Telephone Access

Power Series can be remotely controlled from any touch tone telephone, from anywhere in the world. Using an extensive library of voice prompts allows the telephone to act as a fully functional keypad, providing you with the capability of arming/disarming and checking the status of your security system.

Wireless Control

Add the convenience of wireless protection. In a commitment to reducing false alarms, DSC has incorporated activation delays into your wireless keys that require you to press and hold a button for a period of time before its function is initiated.

Ease of Operation

Power Series offers you simple one-button activation – arming, disarming and panic.  For urgent situations, keypad-activated emergency keys send an alarm signal to the central monitoring station, which in turn, allows the proper authorities to be summoned (requires an account with an authorized alarm monitoring company).